War on Three Fronts

Matek't's journal, 27th September

We climbed up the lift shaft onto the next level. The mining here is done mostly properly, and you can feel the way the rock just opens up to the paths, instead of being forced open. Compared to this one, the lower level was done my amateurs in hurry, especially given that it looks like there is plenty of ore left here. Why rush downwards?

We found a small soldiers camp, belonging to dark elves, may the Smith hammer them. We were trying to find out something about them that would give us the upper edge, but they had tripped their belongings so we lost the element of surprise. No matter. We defeated them easily, even giving though Anton was foolish enough to get drugged. Z’chut single-handly dispatched one of them. These things were who humiliated him so, and smiting them brought him much relief and restored part of his honour. Their hands are one around his neck; Anton and Anna appear horrified, but they just don’t understand. They can’t understand.

We settled for the night in the camp that the elves so kindly left to us, only to be woke up by an spectral cabbage of madness. It would not respond to any physical attacks (which nearly broke down Ivana, and I can understand that). Magical attacks could hurt it, but it would only reappear again, seemingly unharmed. Anton eventually traced it to an upturned shrine to the fallen miners, and the cabbage disappeared once it was righted. This human spirits are a bit odd: when the dwarven spirits wanted to send me a message, they just told me what they wanted. Quite a lot simpler. Humans and their theatrics…

We woke up to hammering coming from the East, and we followed the tunnels towards the noise. The elves may be gone, but they clearly weren’t working alone. We crept towards the noise, until Anton attempted to whisper and gave our position away. We were called out of the shadows, but the caller only asked for two of us, and so Anton and I had to show our faces.

Ah. Well. Good news: we found the Medusa. Bad news: it hash gnolls and buckbears as back up. It also had Marta as a prisoner, which was weird, because she went in the opposite direction. It was as shame, because I doubt she would have fared well when we attacked, and I really wanted to stop the medusa from bringing down the mine. Anton and I were of a mind, as neither of us dropped our weapons despite the threats on Marta’s life. Then Marta turned into a succubus, so it was a good thing that we hang on to them.

A Medusa, a Succubus, buckbears and gnolls. Sound like a good party. Pass me the hammer.

Labyrinths and a dwarf's offense
Matek't's journal, 26th September

The underwater current turned out to lead to the trapped miners. They appeared to be mostly safe, just trapped. They hadn’t known that the pool lead to the outside (eventually), although they were in too poor a shape to go through. I thought we should leave them there, safe, until we sorted the whole thing out, but Anna and Anton overruled me. Good thing that Anna had an underwater breathing spell, or we would have been hauling corpses through! Marta head back out with them: the path is now clear and they should be able to get up safe. At least they aren’t following us!

One of the miners insisted on staying. He spent most of the time hidden under his hood until I met him, and by The Smith! I wordlessly handed him one of our spare weapons, as soon as I saw him. His face… His head… I… I promised we will avenge him. No goblin or human will stand in our way until his honour is restored, and he bathes in the blood of his enemies.

The exit gate to the mines wasn’t guarded, the miners (except Z’chut, of course) kept in check by fear alone. Several groups of goblins, pretty unawares, were trying to blow up the mine. They were too busy being useless at setting up bombs, so we we dispatched them easily, barely distracted by the mimic. Z’chut took nearly half the goblins himself, and dare I say he stood a little bit straighter after that. We will make it right.

At the other side of the mine we found the soldiers. The mine is still clearly in the initial stages. There is only a lift to go up and down, and no ramps or any other mechanisms. The walls are still roughly cut, and the floor plan follows the most strange pattern, covering every inch of the terrain. You can tell by the stone-cutting techniques and the way the hammer blows are laid out that most of the miners are human. It is actually moderately disorienting, as the mine paths are all too regular, and do not flow organically. I am not the most miner of dwarfs, but even I find it odd that they haven’t followed the iron veins in their natural flows. It is a much more effective technique, and it yields layouts that one can naturally follow with one’s eyes closed. Here the journal continues with two pages on the different mining techniques they should have applied, and a detailed analysis on the types of rocks and ore that can be found in the mine, inferred by the residue on the walls

They soldiers were pretty banged up, and barely half a dozen of them could stand up. We handed them the goblin weapons, such as they were, and they all felt better by holding some steel in their hands. Credit to them. A petrified soldier, literally, stood on the doorway of their cell, as a warning. Freaking Gorgons. The soldiers were in no state to help out, so we left them safe where they were (see? we should have done that with the miners!), and climbed up the shaft to the next level. We’ll have to clear them all before we can send the lift back down. Sounds like fun! Z’chut can barely be contained.

Into Greifenberg
Matek't's journal, 25th September

We finally arrive to the city and lose the damn griffin. What the hell is with long ones and flying? I get nervous just thinking about it.

I ditched the party and head over to the dwarven tavern. It was empty, now on account that the bar staff had been possessed by dwarven spirits. They were still serving beer, so I saw no reason not to stay. They said that the tomb has been discovered, and the kings rest had been disturbed. They were surprised at my name, and said that they hadn’t heard it in a long time.. They clearly had never met my family! They hinted at an ancient dwarven crypt under the city. I decided to drag the party there, as it could be related to my family.

When reunited, we talked to the Madam commander of the humans (who can’t hold her drink) and a tree (a tree!). The mines have been overrun by goblins, the soldiers can’t keep control, and a great chasm has opened in the middle of the city. Thankfully, we head down the chasm, and found ourselves blissfully underground.

We discovered the ruins of and Dwarven City. I have never heard of one on Greifenberg! We must have been the first people walking it it since whatever befell the city and its inhabitants (may The Smith have them in his eternal forge). We found the tomb that the ghosts were talking about: a king surrounded by his guard. The kings name was nearly obliterated, but damn me if it didn’t read Matek’t! We covered the tomb again, setting the king to rest again, and his knights seemed to be able to rest again. We also found The Book of Names, but the kings name appeared to be crossed out. Who was my namesake? What abominable things did he do to get stricken? I thought I knew of all Matek’ts in the realm (we are all related, after all), but I’ve never heard of no King Matek’t.

The City ends on a sealed room with a pool in the middle. Anton volunteers to swim through it to check what is on the other side. Good man! We press onwards and downwards instead of going back up.

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