Dwarf Rogue


Matke’t, from the clan Mavekh, is a surface Dwarf from G√∂tzhafen. He is a smith by profession and training, specialising in mechanisms and small metal work.


Clan Mavekh is a small but ancient clan that originates in the North. Several Books of Names ago, the clan split into two branches, and one of them moved to the South to settled in the capital. The records are unclear in what created the split, but it was an amicable split: the two branches consider themselves part of the same clan. The Southern branch is much smaller than the Northern, original one, but forms an equally important part in the life of the clan. Both branches communicate and visit each other frequently, and children are often fostered in the other location for some years. As one of the few Dwarven enclaves in the South, the Mavekh clan also acts as a host and meeting place for other Northern Dwarves that may be travelling South.

The Southern clan lost contact with the Northern Clan several moons ago. Contact is sometimes lost temporarily: communications between the clans are handled exclusively via Dwarven channels, which vary greatly depending on the flow of travel and commerce. However, after several cycles without any contact, nor even any information through the Human channels, the Southern Clan began to worry about their brothers.
Matek’t, being one of the younger unmarried Dwarves, was chosen among the clan to travel north and attempt to contact their clan in person.


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