Inner Planes

There are four Planes of Reality nearest the real world, which overlap both with each other and with weak, or ‘thin’ points throughout the nations, where crossing is easiest. These planes are most comfortable and familiar to beings from the Prime Plane, as their physical laws are most similar compared to the rigid laws of the Outer Planes, and their environments far more hospitable compared to the Elemental Planes.

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The four planes push and pull against each other, each overlapping with its near neighbours, but pushing against its opposite number.

  • Feywild. Borders the Plane of Dreams and the Ethereal Plane; opposes the Shadow Plane. Home to the true Fae (also known as Sidhe, Fair Folk, or Faerie), this is a bright, vibrant and hopeful place, full of music, growth and possibility; conversely they can be capricious and tricky to those not prepared for their ways.
  • Plane of Dreams. Borders the Feywild and Shadow Plane; opposes the Ethereal Plane. Home both to dream spectres of both light and dark impulses; however only the latter – known widely as nightmares – are common knowledge. This is a constantly twisting plane, filled with concealing mist, where little is as it seems. A trip into Dream will rarely be other than confusing, but with a sharp mind it can reveal much about the traveller, if not always necessarily the question they wanted answered.
  • Shadow Plane. Borders the Plane of Dreams and the Ethereal Plane; opposes the Feywild. Home to shadow beasts of all shapes and forms, dark and often twisted reflections of the Prime. Where the Feywild is a bright plane, containing the essence of what things could be, the Shadow Plane is a cautionary place, warning of what things might be if they were to take a mis-step. Yet there is great power within shadows, and many secrets to be learned from the dark places.
  • Ethereal Plane. Borders the Feywild and the Shadow Plane; opposes the Plane of Dreams. Home both to ethereal hunters, and to a range of spirits, including the ghosts of those restless but without a driving goal. Where Dream is opaque and introspective, the Ethereal Plane is translucent, and outward-looking. To the Ethereal Plane all walls are see-through and all distances short, but at the cost of only viewing the surface of any given target.

Inner Planes

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