Different metals are considered sacred to different gods. Within Götzachen, the three goddesses each are associated with the commonest elements, with rare metals associated with the elves and dwarves:

Gold – Zaess
Silver – Neti
Copper, base metals – Tera

Adamantium, alloys – Lahashal
Mithril – Elves

Only the dwarves are known to have the skill needed to shape complex alloys of metal, including the best quality steel.


To the dwarves themselves, all rare metals are sacred: Mithril, Adamantium, Orichalcum and more are gifts from the Forgefather to use wisely, and to shape into the greatest works of craft. Orichalcum in particular is the rarest known metal, with all known mines believed lost. A few artefacts remain, but to melt them down and re-use the metal would be the worst kind of heresy.

Some believe that these rare metals could be created from a perfectly blended alloy, but none has so far been replicated.


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